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Athletic Court Cleaning and Resurfacing

C.A.B. Group, LLC knows regular maintenance won’t prevent problems, however, it will keep damage to a minimum. Routine maintenance means a regular schedule of trash removal, spot cleaning and sweeping, as well as the removal of weeds & dirt that can choke outdoor courts. We also suggest annual pressure washing in the spring to prepare the court for the playing season. We recommend resurfacing your court every 4-6 years depending on the amount of usage and environmental exposure. This resurfacing can range from a simple new color finish to complete surface overlay. Resurfacing is not an option if a large crack develops. Asphalt, for example, shrinks and loses its flexibility over time from extreme weather exposure. If the crack exceeds 50 linear feet or the crack interferes with the game, it is time to remove the existing pavement & install all new pavement, surface and color.

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