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How to Handle Negative Tenant Reviews

With more people than ever before on the internet, keeping your reputation well-kept online has become increasingly important. When potential tenants don’t know of anyone living on your property, they turn to reviews for opinions. Whether it’s a very good or very bad review, the way you handle it will convey to other renters your respectability, responsibility, and charm.


  1. Do NOT argue with the reviewer. More common than not, a reviewer who has been slighted will make things seem worse than it actually was to get their point across. Never resort to “name-calling” or any form of banter, as this makes your company seem extremely disrespectful and unable to handle tenant issues.
  2. Ensure that the review was created by someone who actually lived at your property. Many times, people will create fake accounts just to make bad reviews for companies. If you notice that a reviewer has created hundreds of bad reviews, (or just seems spammy) report them to whatever search engine or website it is on.
  3. If you decide to reply to the review, (which we do recommend) calmly reply that you are sorry for their experience but recall your end of the facts. (This way, potential tenants can see what the actual issue was, and not blame your property.) If you can right a wrong, your tenant will be even more loyal – plus, you can ask them to either update their review or take it down.


In a perfect world, landlords would know exactly what tenants needed and would be able to fix issues immediately. Unfortunately, that’s not the world we live in. It’s important to realize that you can’t please everyone – but you can try your best. With the ones you can’t please, be sure to explain why you couldn’t make them happy and offer something to make up for it. Keeping those good relationships with your tenants will help to prevent bad reviews (plus, you can encourage your good tenants to leave positive reviews for you!).

A property management company does more than just managing the property – they also manage your online reputation. CAB Group not only works to resolve property issues as soon as possible, we also make it a point to check on all review platforms online. Your reputation is what precedes you – so let us take care of it!

Posted by: cabgroup on July 6, 2018
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