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Summer Rental Maintenance Checklist

As a landlord, you want to keep your property in tip-top shape. However, we all know that some renters are less than ideal when it comes to taking care of it for you. Summer, especially, can be extremely hard on your property. While each property is different, there are some things most people want to be sure they do before the worst of the summer weather hits.

  • Check the air conditioning. Our air conditioners are basically our best friends in the summer. To make sure your tenants can combat the humid, muggy air through this season, have the air conditioner serviced early in the summer so you can take care of any issues it might have.
  • Have pest control come out. All kinds of creepy crawlies come out when it starts heating up, so get a preventative spray throughout the property. Keep a pest control company on retainer that you can trust so if any issues come up, you can have them quickly resolved.
  • Do a quick inspection of the property. Now is a great time to check up on your tenants and make sure they aren’t doing anything to damage your property. Make sure to ensure smoke detectors are working properly, that there are no cracks or holes in walls, and flooring is not damaged. To cut costs on air conditioning, feel for drafts around windows and doors so you can get them replaced if needed.
  • Have the property professionally cleaned. Dust and dirt can hide issues within a property, so pay attention to how the property looks after they’ve cleaned as well. Keeping your rental clean also helps ensure the longevity of the property and shows your tenants you care what goes on within its walls.

Don’t let the summer heat keep you from maintaining your property. Hiring a professional property management company like C.A.B. Group eliminates the hassle and large amount of time it takes to go through everything you need to do for your rental. We have experience working with New Jersey and New York area cleaning and maintenance companies for the properties we manage to ensure they get the best possible care. To see how we can help manage your property this summer, give us a call!

Posted by: cabgroup on June 1, 2018
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