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How to Highlight Your Property’s Best Features

You want your rental property to stand out from other properties. While you believe your property has more to offer potential tenants, you might be having a hard time conveying that to them. By “putting your best foot forward,” you can show people what makes your rental stand out from the crowd. To keep your property filled, focus on the best features when showing off your property.

  • Know your target tenants’ wants and needs. Marketing your property to different target audiences will greatly influence what features you highlight. For example, if you were to be targeting seniors ages 60+, you would focus more on the accessibility and location features your property provides. If you were targeting young families, you would focus more on the size of the backyard and the proximity to local schools.
  • Pictures are everything. Hire a professional photographer to take high quality images of your property’s specific features for promotional documents and your website. Seeing low quality pictures gives an amateur, unprofessional feel to your property, which is exactly what you don’t That photographer is worth the investment in the amount of better leads that you will receive. Have them focus on taking images of what your renters are interested in – the pool in the backyard, the newly renovated kitchen, the large master bedroom with walk-in closets, etc. Your website should have a comprehensive gallery of your property – enough to capture potential tenants’ interests.
  • Know what’s awesome about your property in the first place. No one is going to get excited about the hallway closet – the master bathroom, on the other hand, would be good to focus on. Instead of talking about the crawl space, promote the spacious living room and the amazing skylight. You might think that everything about your property is great, but the reality is that potential tenants won’t think the same. Boost your chances of converting potentials to actual renters by realizing that difference.

Marketing your rental property is hard stuff – we know. But with so many years of experience, C.A.B. Group almost has it down to a science. We can offer many more services than just filling vacancies; things like property maintenance (landscaping, pressure washing, painting, and more!) and property construction are regular days for us. To see how we can help you manage your property, give us a call today!

Posted by: cabgroup on May 23, 2018
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