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Making Your Rental Feel Like Home

Congrats! You’ve finally moved in and are starting on the long road to unpacking. In the midst of all the mess, you’re probably wondering how you’re going to make those white walls feel like home. It takes more than just hanging up a few picture frames to make a rental really feel yours, so we’ve come up with some of our favorite ways to add that “homey” touch:

  • Temporary wallpaper. Most landlords do not allow tenants to paint the walls of their rental home, but we’ve got the perfect solution. Temporary wallpaper is just that – temporary! Slap it on the walls to add color and personality, and then take it down when you’re ready for something new or you’re ready to move out (all without damaging the walls).
  • Use throw rugs. Rugs can tie a room together as well as add a splash of color. They can cover up unsightly floors and spruce up your living room.
  • Add your own lighting. You can get cute lamps and other fixtures for cheap at discount and antique stores to change the ambience in different rooms of the rental. No one feels at home in a dark, dreary room – light it up!
  • Bring out the personal touches! Everyone has a home décor personality and now is the time to let it shine! Use knick knacks, mementos, and props to get rid of the blank spaces in your home.

While some property owners allow certain changes to their rentals, you should always check with your landlord before making any upgrades. To make your rental feel like home, get creative with your decorations and don’t be afraid to let a little color and light in!

Posted by: cabgroup on May 18, 2018
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