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Spring Cleaning for Your Properties

Spring cleaning can give your properties a fresh look and bring more appeal to potential tenants. It will also reflect your responsibility and desire to retain current residents by maintaining their living spaces and keeping them, ultimately, happier. Your residents want to take pride in where they live and will appreciate your efforts to clean it up – what better way to kick off the spring season than by starting with your current residents first?

Ask your residents what (if anything) is broken and needs fixing on their end. With everyone being cooped up in the winter, things are more prone to being broken. Take this time to do a quick inspection of your properties – be on the lookout for things like holes in the wall from mice, cracked countertops, warped flooring, ripped screens, etc. Replace air filters and be sure to check smoke detectors so you know they are working. Doing a systematic check like this every few months will give you a better idea of how your residents are treating your property, and will help you assess the value of the property as it ages.

Spruce up common areas like parking lots, athletic courts, gyms, and property office space. After using salt to get rid of ice over the winter, be sure to sweep it off the sidewalks and lots for a cleaner look (do NOT sweep salt into grassy areas – the ice will damage or even kill the grass). We recommend annual power washing of outdoor courts in the spring before the gaming season starts so you know it’s in tip-top shape. If your parking lot lines have started to disappear due to sun exposure and friction from tires, you may need to repaint. Get rid of clutter in the main office and use the same maintenance checks you would normally do.

Begin landscaping again. Winter is often the hardest on your landscape, so it’s important to start early on bringing it back to life in the spring. Start by removing any debris and figuring out which plants you want to remove and what types of flowers you want to plant. A property’s landscape is what will attract many potential residents, and having a bright and beautiful landscape will add to your curb appeal.

Keeping up with the seasons in your properties will help you create the environment you want for your residents. Stay on top of maintenance issues before they even begin by using these preventative measures. C.A.B. Group offers these spring cleaning services as part of their regular upkeep property management program. To see how they can provide all-encompassing property services for your New Jersey, Philadelphia, and New York properties, give them a call today!

Posted by: cabgroup on March 14, 2018
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