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Why Landscaping is Vital to Your Property

As a property management company with over 30 years of experience in lawn care and landscaping, we know it’s no secret to investors that landscaping can be a hassle. Especially with large properties, landscaping can take up a huge amount of time that property owners just don’t have. However, it is incredibly important not to skip out on this part of maintaining your investment – and here’s why:


  • Regular landscaping and maintenance keeps your property (and its inhabitants) safe. If left to grow wild, plants and trees can easily become a tripping hazard or block someone’s vision. Maintaining these blooms so that they are not only safe for people to walk around, but also so that they stay looking beautiful is something that C.A.B. Group is experienced in.
  • Proper lighting can ward off potential burglars and give pedestrians a safer walkway.
  • One thing that many property owners forget is a proper drainage system to make sure water is not a hazard to their tenants or guests.
  • Another thing to keep in mind around this time of year is the snow and ice that can accumulate quickly and create dangers to anyone walking on the property.
  • Landscaping can prevent a lawsuit. Tenants or guests of a property could have a good case against owners if it is obvious they have been negligent in attempting to keep their tenants safe. If no routine maintenance or upkeep is being done to the property, many of the situations above will lead to a court case.
  • Build curb appeal and property value. People would much rather visit or live on a property that looks pretty. Beautiful flowers and well-trimmed trees and shrubs welcome guests and say a lot about the property owner. Gardens, ponds, walkways, and playgrounds all provide an atmosphere of quality and care. Attractive grounds build property value and a better return on investment than anything else done on the property.


Tenants and guests are more likely to be prideful in where they live with great landscaping and are more likely to stay for a longer period of time. Landscaping and lawn care doesn’t have to be an overwhelming task, either. Enlisting the work of a property management company can improve your bottom line and help you get a great return on investment.

Posted by: cabgroup on February 23, 2018
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