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The Benefits of Being Able to Check Your Property Online

Investors have so much on their plate – so why do everything on your own? Between collecting rent from tenants, dealing with repairs and upkeep for the property, screening potential tenants, and handling tenant complaints, we can bet that you don’t have the time for all of it. While picking a property management company can be a grueling process that requires time and research, making sure they have an online portal should be a no-brainer. Wondering why?

Collect rent faster: Instead of having tenants drop off checks at the main office every month, using an online portal simplifies the process. This makes payments easier to collect and takes less time than handling a physical check. It also removes the “dated” feel of using checks by giving multiple ways to pay electronically. This means you can receive deposits directly into your bank account, cutting down on your waiting time.

Handle maintenance issues: C.A.B. uses electronic work orders to quickly fix any issues that arise on the property. An online platform is able to streamline this process with vendor information all in one place.

Potential resident screenings: Long gone are the days that background and past rental history checks take more than a few days. With the online portal that C.A.B. offers, screenings take a matter of minutes. This cuts down on the amount of time for vacancies, providing an efficient way to find good tenants.

Owner statements: With all of the property’s information online, you are mere clicks away from accessing everything you could possibly need. C.A.B.’s online software allows you to see maintenance reports and property details all at a quick look.

Price comparison tool: With this extremely useful tool, you don’t have to worry about pricing your rental units correctly – it makes sure you do! With this mechanism in place, you will know what similar rentals around the area are pricing for, so you know exactly what to start your rates at. This not only minimizes vacancies, but increases efficiency for finding the right rates.


Using a modern, professional property management company with an online software already in place is an absolute must in the real estate business today. Hiring a company like C.A.B. Group to take care of your property takes the worry, time, and work of managing a property off your shoulders – so you can do other things! With how many tools an online portal provides for a landlord, hire a property management company that has solutions to all of your problems.

Posted by: cabgroup on January 31, 2018
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