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Your Investment Personality

Some investors will go for every single investment possible. Others will hold onto only one or two investments for their entire career. The types of investments you make are all based on your investment personality. Don’t be shocked if this is different from your actual personality – someone could be very quiet and shy and still own multiple successful properties. What you should be worried about, is when your portfolio starts to derail from your investment personality.

A “mobile” investor, as we like to call them, are the types of investors that will jump at every opportunity to invest in a new property. This doesn’t mean that these active investors are reckless, it just means they are probably more willing to take risks. They like the challenge of researching how new investments will work, and relish in the changing flow of work. With running multiple properties at once, many will have a property management company like CAB Group take care of the day-to-day operations.

Other investors are considered to be fairly passive in their investments. These are the people that will probably only take on a few different types of properties in their lifetime, but devote a considerable amount of time to looking for property managers that will boost their income and take care of their properties while the investor sits back and relaxes. There’s nothing wrong with this – this could actually be one of the best ways to make money on the side without spending all of your time on the investment itself.  CAB Group offers a 100% hands-off property management service for this exact reason.

Whether you are an aggressive or a more laid-back investor, your portfolio should match your investing personality. Sticking to one, or multiple properties, will keep your momentum going in the investing world. It can show others that you are a stable or innovative investor. Whatever it is you invest in, make sure it is something you are passionate about. If you are passionate about family, consider investing in primarily family housing real estate. If you are passionate about business, consider commercial properties. Whichever investing category you fall into, make sure you stick to your personality to fully capitalize on your investments.

Posted by: cabgroup on January 20, 2018
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