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Getting to the Top of the Stack

With less than 40% of people under 35 years of age owning a home, a market of career-driven millennials moving to cities, and more and more Americans switching over to rent instead of buying a home these days- The housing market and the way we know it is making a change. But this also means that the rental industry is going to be in high demand, and it may be tougher trying to get into an apartment/rental home these days. Searching for an apartment can be just as stressful as finding a job. Good thing that there are ways to make getting into a place easier for you and put you on the top of the stack of applications.

There are multiple ways to set your self apart from others when it comes to the application process. Your first step is to fill out an application form- make sure to do your best to include the most relevant information on it. Some of the necessary content is your current job position, your salary, rental history, contacts of your current employer, letters of reference, contacts of your former landlord, pets (breed, kind, behavior, age), the reasons why you are leave the current property, move-in date, roommates, credit report, background report, type of renters insurance, and most importantly your cover letter.

Most applicants fill out a form by hand, if you really want to make an impression work on a rental resume! Type everything out, print it on nice paper, and include all the information your landlord could want (list mentioned above). Your main goal is to make a great impression on this, make it as personal and professional as possible. Talk about yourself, take pride in your job, and in case that you had problems in the past with landlords/apartments or whatever situation it may be, be honest and make sure that you provide a brief explanation of why you had issues in the past and what you did to fix them.

Another good tip when putting together your rental resume is to have some great, professional references, not just put your friends. Ask your former landlord and the current employer to recommend you as a responsible tenant and a good employee with a stable income. If you just graduated from college, make sure you ask your housing coordinator to write you a reference letter.

Credit can be a big one when it comes to your resume. If you have a bad credit report, find a financial Guarantor with a great one. This person will be your co-signer, and is responsible for paying rent if you don’t do it on time. He/she will equally participate in the rental application process and prepare the same documents for signing an agreement, so it’s better to collect all of them beforehand. Lets say that you have no credit, start a credit card in your name that you know that you can pay off. Even if it is specially just for buying a pizza once a week, pay it off and on time everything and this will build your credit.

Ready for the in person interview with your possible landlord? Make sure you look nice and professional. Put some effort into how yo present yourself just as if you were applying for a job. Even though the landlord to discriminate, it’s always a great thing to make a good first impression!

Treat this process as if you were applying for a job, and before you know it you will be in the rental you desire! It is all about standing out (in a good way) getting to the top of the stack!

Posted by: cabgroup on June 7, 2017
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