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How Curb Appeal Helps Your Bottom Line

If you care enough about what you are selling, you want to make the best impression possible… This concept goes for restaurants, electronics, cars and especially homes! The home is where we spend a majority of our down time, so of course we want it to look good not just on the inside but the outside as well. We have all seen those apartments that are spacious on the inside along with a great price, but sometimes that means the outside doesn’t meet it’s expectations. Landlords what could be better than having tenants fill your properties? Having them stay year after year because they love it, and having your properties be the ‘desired’ places to get into!

Replace the numbers on the property. No one wants to be searching for your address and not even being able to see the numbers that mark it. This is one of of the easiest fixes, and can be found at your local hardware store. If your properties have a certain theme to them or if you just want to give them some flare, you can get the numbers custom made as well. Just make sure they stand out!

Invest in a pressure washer. If your properties have decks, siding, sidewalks, a pressure washer is the best cure for grunge and dirt. Nothing is more un-attractive then having a oil-stained parking lot or faded sidewalk. When people are walking down the street they will be attracted to clean, sparkling houses and apartments!

Bring on the green! What could be better than having a eco-friendly property? Having it surrounded by greenery. Invest in a local landscaping team or do the planting yourself. Brighten up your porch containers, window boxes and front beds with some colorful flowers and fun plants for an easy up-sell! Bring out the mulch and bright flowers, but don’t over do it, just make it pop.

Most visitors come to a home at night, don’t leave them in the dark- invest in lighting. Solar lights can be inexpensive and easy to install. It creates a great ambiance and is also great for safety reasons. Well lit homes aren’t broken into as often as homes left in the dark. 

A coat of paint can go a long way. Nothing screams “Come on in” like a bright, freshly painted door. Not only will the coat of paint look nice, it’s keeping your door, fence, and windows protected from the elements. 

These are all simple and easy things you can do yourself, or if you have a property management team like C.A.B. we can do it for you! Curb appeal goes a long way for the health and happiness of your rental homes and tenants. 

Posted by: cabgroup on May 31, 2017
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