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Property and Move Management

Becoming a landlord is a big change in anyone’s life, especially when converting what was your primary residence into what now will be your rental property. Emotional ties to the property are always difficult to manage, not to mention the actual physical move of, what can be, a lifetime of accumulated possessions. Let’s face it, moving is a large task that requires a lot of time, preparation and scheduling. Many people may not realize that hiring a Property Management Company to relieve them of the burdens associated with managing a rental property can also be helpful in managing the process of transitioning a residential property to an investment property. As a full-service Property Management Company, C.A.B. Group, LLC offers Move Management services to its clients to assist with transitioning properties into rental properties. As part of their Move Management service, C.A.B. Group handles such tasks as moving possessions out of the soon-to-be rental property, cancelling services currently going to the property that the owner will not be responsible for once rented and transitioning utility accounts to “landlord accounts” so that the owner will only be responsible when the property is in-between tenants.

Move Management is a relatively new term but has become an integral part of many individuals and businesses that are relocating. There is much more involved in Move Management than simply hiring a moving company. True Move Management requires complicated logistical planning that occurs weeks, months or even years before the move. Here are just a few of the numerous things that can be handled by a Move Manager:

Obtain quotes from moving companies
Obtain quotes from transport companies if vehicles or other large items are being moved
Coordinate with the owner what is being moved
Schedule dates and times for vendors
Contact all necessary utilities at both locations
Coordinate elevator usage when moving in/out of a building
Handle payment of any HOA moving fees and/or security deposits
Collect and exchange keys, security codes, garage door openers etc.


When hiring a Property Management Company that offers services such as Move Management, it is imperative to hire one that has extensive experience and strong relationships with other companies in the industry. As many of you may know all too well, moving can either be a seamless, organized transition, or, a nightmare that makes even the prospect of another move seem like an insurmountable task. At the center of any move is, of course, the moving company. C.A.B. Group knows that hiring the right moving company makes all the difference for its clients and their experience while moving out of a home. C.A.B. Group aims to make every move as seamless and easy for its clients as possible and that is why they go to Palmieri Movers each and every time they’re asked to organize a move for one of their Property Management clients.

Located in Piscataway, New Jersey, Palmieri Movers is a family owned moving company with over 36 years of experience. They specialize in all types of moves, both locally in New Jersey and long-distance on the East Coast. For each move, they will assign highly trained moving specialists who are equipped with the proper tools and training necessary to load and transport possessions without risk of damaging any belongings or injuring themselves. They are fully insured and all of their trucks are kept clean and in top mechanical condition to ensure the load will arrive at the new location safe and sound. They’re pricing is affordable and they offer discounts to seniors and military veterans.

If you’re thinking about transitioning your residential home into a rental investment, contact C.A.B. Group today so that we can help you make such a transition as stress-free as possible. Working with only the most reputable, professional and experienced companies in NJ, C.A.B. Group ensures its clients the peace of mind of knowing that everything will be taken care of by the most qualified professionals in the industry. Both C.A.B. Group and Palmieri Movers pride themselves in treating their clients’ homes and possessions as if they were their very own and go above and beyond to guarantee that the entire moving process is managed properly, leaving their clients with a pleasant, professional and, ultimately profitable experience.

Posted by: cabgroup on January 22, 2017
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