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Property Management Companies That Are Also Licensed Contractors Bring The Best of Both Worlds!

best-of-both-worldsThe services that a Property Management Company (PMC) offers can vary greatly. Despite the varying scope in services offered, the core services and central responsibilities of any PMC are to maintain security and actively maintain managed properties, while supporting their landlords & tenants equally. Amongst Property Management Companies that offer core property management services, the overwhelming majority of companies reflect similar pricing structures for their service area. The distinction that can set one Property Management Company apart from the next is the way in which they preserve their managed properties and handle unforeseen maintenance issues that arise for the properties they service.

Maintenance to an average PMC is simply being reactive to an issue that arises, then hiring the cheapest subcontractor to fix the problem at hand. There is little to no effort put forth by the PMC regarding preventative maintenance. There is absolutely NO proactivity. While property owners entrust that the property they own is safe and secure, they often neglect to consider what is being done by their PMC to ensure that future problems are mitigated through preventative maintenance. Real estate owners looking to hire a Property Management Company must understand this fundamental distinction and ought look to a company like C.A.B. Group, LLC when aiming to preserve and enhance their real estate investment.

As a licensed and insured Home Improvement Contractor (HIC), C.A.B. Group sets itself apart from all other Property Management Companies in its service area. With an independently operating full-service construction outfit, C.A.B. Group has been able to grow a successful property management brand, built upon the longstanding trust and loyalty created with existing real estate clients for well over a decade. C.A.B. Group, LLC is able to safeguard its managed properties are up to code and ready to rent. Unlike most PMCs, C.A.B. Group goes as far as to even work with townships and cities to secure a Certificate of Occupancy (CO) for its managed rental properties when necessary.

C.A.B. Group, LLC will repair any and all concerns before, during and after tenant occupancy. In addition to simply making the necessary repairs, C.A.B. Group takes it a step further and meticulously documents all their properties prior to and immediately following all tenant occupancies. They provide detailed photos and videos of the property, and, upon request, provide a written property review of the property and recommend preservation projects, including a preliminary cost estimate for each project.

While offering a service may or may not be an incentive for property owners to choose one specific PMC over another, the cost savings that comes along with hiring a Property Management Company that also offers in-house maintenance and construction services is too great an advantage to be overlooked. If you’re looking for a truly hands-off real estate investment experience, look no further than C.A.B. Group, LLC. C.A.B. Group is the one-stop-shop for all things property management while also offering preservation and unlimited maintenance and real estate enhancement services. C.A.B. Group is ready to actively and enthusiastically maintain your rental property and care for it as if it were their very own.

Posted by: cabgroup on November 16, 2016
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