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Benefits of Using A Property Management Company

couple with adviserBeing a landlord and property owner can be a lucrative business but can come with some hidden headaches along the way. These headaches can be avoided if the landlord decides to hire a property management company such as New Jersey’s premier property management company, C.A.B. Group, LLC. Property Management companies are extremely valuable to landlords in a number of ways. They allow the landlord to be completely hands off! Property management companies place quality tenants in the rental, perform elaborate tenant background checks, check tenant references, run credit reports, write detailed lease agreements and most importantly they collect the rent!

One important note to mention is very few property management companies are available for 24-hour maintenance requests. And those that do offer 24-hour maintenance requests are not licensed to perform the work. C.A.B. Group, LLC is a licensed New Jersey contractor, which gives us a big advantage over all other management companies around. Beyond maintenance issues, in the unfortunate event that an eviction is necessary, property management companies will work with the proper legal representative to complete this action as smoothly as possible.

Contrary to popular belief, property management companies are not expensive to hire. They are paid whenever the tenant pays the rent and typically only command a small percentage of the monthly rent to retain their services. C.A.B. Group, LLC has an outstandingly low rate of just 10% of your monthly rent! Many other companies charge 20%-30%, so you can see how and why C.A.B. Group, LLC are industry leaders with a rate as low as theirs! If you are a New Jersey landlord and are looking to maximize your profits, retain quality tenants and have your properties maintained properly while enjoying your newfound freedom and income, its time to hire a property management company; its time to hire C.A.B. Group, LLC!

Posted by: cabgroup on September 1, 2016
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