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C.A.B. Group, LLC’s Referral Program Rewards Real Estate Professionals – BIG!

rewards-300x228C.A.B. Group, LLC’s realtor referral program offers huge rewards for real estate agents working in New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania by offering them cash and future business for each property management agreement signed as the result of that agent’s referral. As a part of C.A.B. Group’s Realtor Referral Program – real estate agents receive 10% of the first month’s rent for each property when their homeowner client signs a management contract with C.A.B. Group. Beyond the referral fee, C.A.B. Group ensures that the referring agent receives the sole referral when that client makes the decision to sell and list their home for sale. This not only creates more listings for the referring agent, but also increases the agent’s credibility and reputation as they align themselves with New Jersey’s Premier Property Management Company.

The real estate industry is one that requires relationships. Any real estate agent knows the importance of the relationships they create and the trust, upon which, those relationships are built. “C.A.B. Group gets more than just new business through this referral program. We build relationships with local realtors, which eases the burden on our clients when they do eventually decide to sell their properties under management down the road,” said Candace Bertelson, founder and President of C.A.B. Group, LLC.

The Management Team at C.A.B. Group puts real stock into the relationships they create and their reputation within the Real Estate Industry in the locales they serve. They strive, not only to create new business and grow their bottom-line, but work to prove themself in an industry where your reputation can mean the difference between a company flying and failing. C.A.B. Group’s referral program is more about relationship building than growth. “We work with insurance agents, real estate attorneys, realtors and many other’s in the industry. And we do so, first and foremost, to build relationships with great servicers in our industry so that we can ensure our clients the best and brightest the real estate community has to offer,” says Bertelson.

And C.A.B. Group’s business model of customer service first seems to be working. With 1,100% growth in the first half of 2016 for it’s Property Management division alone, C.A.B. Group is reaping the rewards of its referral program and other key management decisions. If you’re a realtor or real estate professional serving the tri-state area, then contact C.A.B. Group today and see how you can establish a professional report with this fast growing Property Management Company; before you get left in their dust.

Posted by: cabgroup on August 8, 2016
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