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Renting in the Technology Age: Connecting with Modern Renters

Uber-Webinar-1024x477It’s the goal of all property management companies to ascertain, attain and retain renters. Without renters, there are no landlords, and, in turn, no property management. So why are so many property management companies lacking when it comes to connecting with the modern renter?

Over 50 percent of apartment dwellers are millennials. Any property management company that isn’t catering to this demographic is simply losing – and losing BIG. Stepping away from property management, let’s quickly look at a company like Uber. Uber is, after all, the defining company of today’s world. So what has Uber done to attract and build such an enduring clientele? Uber has created an on-demand service that customers access via smartphone apps instead of calling ahead to schedule a pickup; simply put – Uber offers its customer on-demand self service.

So what does Uber have to do with property management? Property management is a customer service industry. All great property management companies’ primary focus is customer service. With great customer service comes happy tenants, happy property owners and a thriving property management firm. In order to achieve this “happiness” property management companies must offer their clients on-demand information, which is fast, reliable, shareable and available across devices.

C.A.B. Group, LLC is on-trend with the demands of modern renters. Tenants whose properties are managed by C.A.B. Group are 97% happier, according to research studies, than renters serviced by other property management companies in the state of New Jersey. In other words, C.A.B. Group managed properties produce happier and more satisfied tenants, 97 times more than the average property managed rental in the entire state where it’s headquartered. “That’s a HUGE statistic that makes a very real statement”, says Candace Bertelson, Owner and President of C.A.B. Group, LLC. “At C.A.B. Group we strive to put the renter first. That’s why we’ve invested, heavily, in technology that makes the renter’s experience easy and seamless”, Candace goes on to say.

Clearly, anyone that aims to reach the “Uber Generation” needs to adobt the “Uber business plan”. What does that mean? If you’ve never ordered an Uber than perhaps you don’t know, so I’ll put it simply. Invest in technology! If you’re looking to improve customer service.; you NEED to invest in technology. Technology is the future. The modern customer/renter is expecting the technological capabilities that a company like C.A.B. Group offers. Those who don’t step up, and get with the trend, WILL be left behind.

Posted by: cabgroup on August 6, 2016
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